Our Troop goes camping one weekend (Friday night through Sunday) per month during the school year. All campouts except for the December events are outside.  We go camping anywhere within a five hour driving radius of home base which covers parts of Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio & Wisconsin.

Camping is a great way for the scouts to learn many things about life and have fun at the same time.  Cooperation and teamwork, perseverance, self-esteem, problem solving, goal setting and physical endurance are just a few of the things our scouts experience during a weekend campout.  Scouts who regularly participate in our campouts will soon learn that they can achieve anything they put their mind to and have fun doing it!

The troop provides basic equipment/supplies for the scouts including tents, cooking equipment and food as well as a trailer to haul all of our gear.   Each scout brings their own individual gear including sleeping bags, mess kits, clothes, boots, coats, hats and rain gear.

2015 Camping2018 – 2019 Camping Schedule:

September – Canoeing the Dowagiac River @ Camp Betz

October – Camping with Webelos @ Rice Woods

November – Scout Skills @ ToPeNeBee

December – Climb Kalamazoo

January – Snowshoeing @ Pigeon Creek Park

February – Skiing @ Crystal Mountain

March – Caving @ Bluesprings Cavern

April – Aerial Park @ Frankenmuth

May – Biking (Location TBD)